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Commerce Opportunity
  • The process of managing a company's sales and use tax compliance is very challenging. As businesses grow and as new products and services are added, sales tax management can become even more important. Over time, many businesses fail to pay attention to some of the finer points when it comes to managing the sales and use tax responsibilties of their business.

    The failure to pay attention to the follownig points may create significant and expensive problems to your company. Websites help in generating interest amongst target groups. Engaging the target audience helps build up interests, website can be made interactive. On certain websites individuals are able to build things or personalise the site according to their taste. This keeps the audience constantly engaged. Certain websites that sell industrial products have diagrams and videos showing how their products have been used by businesses. This helps in the buying process, when a persons sees the product being used they get reassured that they can use the product for a same or similar purpose.

  • Other kinds of e-retailers will find different competitive formulas.

    Newegg and Overstock, for example, sells thousands of product SKUs, which does not allow for high-volume purchasing on everything they sell. Although they drive more overall sales when compared to daily deal web sites, they sell fewer units of individual products, which is why their price points can't match the daily deal model. These e-retailers will adapt by providing quicker shipping times, free return shipping and other conveniences that will satisfy customer needs and potentially give them a competitive advantage in the long run.

  • However, the problem of law enforcement agencies continues as it is. For instance, recently the Delhi Police was able to get the IP Address logs of Amrita Rai's G-Mail account But till the time Google responded back, much of the digital evidence has already been lost and it is very difficult to nab the culprits now. Similarly, the case of posting of offensive message upon Facebook by the miscreants regarding Rajnath Singh's Son also hit a roadblock so far. There are numerous such cases where the accused and cyber criminals cannot be nabbed because the social media website either does not comply with Indian laws or they take such long time that the information provided by them is ultimately useless.

  • These steps are being introduced a year after the government provided export incentives to the shipment of goods through couriers or foreign post offices using e-commerce in the Foreign Trade Policy of 2015-2020. At present, exports that can avail of these sops are capped at Rs 25,000 per consignment, a value considered small for such purchases. Moreover, only six product categories i.e. handicrafts, handlooms, toys, customised fashion garments, books and leather footwear are entitled to these incentives under the Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS).

  • Of course, we survived the dot-com bust and the Internet came back in a bigger and better way. Today, the average person not only has a home computer but also has the high speed Internet connection that lets him or her move easily between web pages. This makes it easy to do comparison-shopping online. More importantly, the availability of high speed Internet has increased the ability of people to work from home.

    These people often set up e-commerce sites, which allow them to sell products without needing a whole business behind them. These two factors combined have made it so that e-commerce has become a part of our daily lives. Now if we could only find a way to spend less than we make, we'd all be in good shape.